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The US Federal Government is the largest buyer of goods and services in the world. Federal agencies procure airplanes and tanks, buildings and cars, toilet paper and notebooks – and routinely buy services such as information technology, cleaning and maintenance, auto repair, laundry, and everything in between.

Who do they buy such services from? Companies that know how to approach government agencies and successfully participate in government procurement processes.

Tactical Insight will help you successfully become a government contractor by educating you on the federal government contracting market, and giving you the necessary tools to identify and successfully pursue government business opportunities.

Opportunity Identification — Tactical Insight employs primary and secondary research methodologies to obtain the most timely and accurate data available — keeping you informed of upcoming opportunities and ahead of your competition.

  • Award and Obligation Analysis: we analyze private-source and public domain forecasts and government planning documents to determine government needs. We identify trends through bottom-up and top-down analyses of individual programs and awards, as well as budgets and strategic plans to give you a complete picture of the procurement landscape at a given government level and product / service category.

  • In-Depth Regulatory & Policy Research: we will identify the laws, regulations, and policies that highlight the needs or necessitate changes in what, or how, government procures relevant products and services.

  • Account Planning: we will help you design and put into action a plan to understand your customers’ needs, so that you can make a positive impact on your buyers — and a more successful sales strategy as a result.

Competitive Analysis and Business intelligence – Do you know who else is selling similar products or services to the customers you wish to target? Would you like to know who are your potential teaming partners – and who if anyone holds significant market share? We will also determine how government entities prefer to buy the services you sell, and what preferred programs and set-asides you can take advantage of.

White Paper and Case Study Writing that define a need or issue, identify solutions and best practices, and highlight the sponsor’s solution

What does Tactical Insight Specialize in?

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