Your Government Market Success is OUR Business!

US FlagState and Local Government Sales Support

At any point and time, your home and business are located within at least two state and local jurisdictions. Each state has counties, boroughs, or parishes. In addition, there are townships & municipalities, school districts, public universities, sewer districts, and port authorities – all of them government entities that buy products and services to meet their daily operational and mission needs.

Tactical Insight will help you find, establish, and capture your state and local government market through:

  • Vendor Registration. Tactical Insight will register you as an active vendor with the government entities where you want to do business. We will also determine whether you fit the criteria of “preferred vendor,” and ensure you are recognized by the state as such. Since most states require government agencies to buy a certain percentage of goods and services from small, disadvantaged, and woman-owned businesses, an appropriate recognition can help you stand out from your competition.

  • Market Assessment. We will determine which of your local government entities are your business prospects for you, and with whom you can do business without incurring extra costs such as the time and expenses involved in inter-state sales.

  • Customer Identification. Tactical Insight will help you determine which of the state, local, municipal, and county government agencies and departments are the best targets for you – who is buying what you are selling. Whether you are in the business of fixing pianos, providing industrial cleaning and sanitation supplies, or information security services, there are state and local government entities that need the goods and services you provide – and right now, they are buying these goods from your competitors. As part of customer identification, we will assess, as appropriate:

    • Government budgets – what agencies are spending money on goods and services that are relevant to you? Are those funds growing or shrinking?
    • Strategic planning – what are the agencies’ plans for the next 18-36 months that can incorporate major changes to the types of services or goods you offer? (For example, if the university plans to break ground on a new stadium, they will not only need construction supplies, but more maintenance services, paper goods, concessions, and advertising)
    • Past awards – what kind of complementary or competitive goods and services have your customers bought in the past? What were the types of procurements (competitive, schedule, sole source) in the past – and how do you position yourself and your products to best fit the customers’ preferred way of buying them?
    • Buyer Identification – who are the people making purchasing decisions on relevant products and services? Tactical Insight will tell you who you need to reach out to in order to successfully market your products.
  • Opportunitiy Identification - Tactical Insight employs primary and secondary research methodologies to obtain the most timely and accurate data available — keeping you informed of upcoming opportunities and ahead of your competition.

  • Competitive Analysis and Business Intelligence. Do you know who else is selling similar products or services to the government agencies you wish to target? Would you like to know who are the companies you can team or partner with to give you a competitive edge, bring a complete solution to your customer, and who are the biggest players in your market?

  • White Paper and Case Study Writing that define a need or issue, identify solutions and best practices, and highlight how your solution helped meet an important government goal, save money, contribute to its mission, or provide a needed constituent service.